The Mind Replaces The Heart

The mind replaces the heart when it brings back memories that once made you happy .

And as the heart aches, it tries to repress those memories so that it stop bleeding.



Random Thoughts: Hypocrisy and Sadness

Why do we think so much of Eid rather than the month of Ramadan?

How can we be sure to live until the day of Eid?

Why do we eat so much during the nights of Ramadan?

Have we forgotten  its value and the immensity of its rewards?

Why do we wear so much make up on the day of Eid?

Won’t we perform our five obligatory prayers on that day?

Why do some Muslims  put loud music on the day of Eid?

Is it the appropriate way to thank Gof for the rewards we will get?


Today I am feeling extremely sad. The internet is a great place to learn about new things and to meet new people but on the other side it is also so much easier to follow the path of the wrongdoers. Many times I have admired sisters for wearing make up or for having a good fashion sense. Nevertheless I truely think it is better to be known for one’s piety.