Some updates about me

Asalam Alaykoum everyone, how are you doing. It feels good to be able to right again Alhamdulillah.

The last post I wrote dates back to the month of July right and I’m amazed that even though I did not update my blog from that day, I still get subscribers mash Allah.


So what was I doing during all that time? Well lot of things 😀 First of all I got divorced, don’t be sad for me because it was really a good decision. I’m in good terms with the father of my son (I don’t like saying “my ex” because it implies that there is still a relation, a link between both of us), anf I have noticed that from the time we got divorced things started to go well for each of us.

Secondly I was admitted to a selective Master in which students are trained to be teachers. It was hard in the beginning because of the huge amount of work we are asked to do but Alhadulillah I am getting used to it. This is the kind of life I always looked for. I mean I hate the fact of just staying at home doing nothing but household chores. My brain needs to practice, to learn and to think crtically. I love to know about new things, I am a curious person and I am fond of the fact of being surrounded by books or to dissect a text. Deep inside of me, I always felt  that is what I am made for and what is surprising is the way things turned out, which definitely appears as a sign of God who enabled me to pursue my dream/aim.

As I saw that the father of my son was not interested in working so as to provide the necessary for his family I thought I’ll do it myself. This is unbelievable how some men manage to brainwash women about how they should be and how they should act while they don’t show the proper behaviour. Anyway, now things are finished I am happy to have my own flat, I feel extremely good away from him.

I missed you dear friends: Fatma, Michelle and Farheen. I’ll come and visit your blog in sh Allah. Love you all and thanks again for being there new and old subscribers.

© Fateema Abdallah


Taking a Pause from Blogging

Asalam Alaykum everyone, how are you doing? As you might have noticed I haven’t updated my blog lately. There are actually many things going on in life right now. I don’t even think so many things happened at once at the same time earlier in my life lol.

So what has been keeping me busy?

  1. My son was circumcised. He is doing fine now running, playing, being happy.
  2. He will be going to school for the first time, so we are preparing all that.
  3. I am pursuing my studies to become an English teacher, classes will start in August.
  4. I was looking for a flat near to university and this at the very last time. Alhamdulillah I got one.
  5. Not to forget all the amount of official papers that come with all the above mentioned events

So for some time I don’t think my blog will be updated but I will still be active in checking out other blogs and interacting with my friends in sh Allah.

Have a nice day and see you soon.

Ramadhan Diary #2 – 10 Days Left


Asalam Alaykum everyone, I hope you are in the best of health and imaan. In my country we are entering the last ten days of Ramadhan. So far this is not my best Ramadhan at all. Apart from fasting, there is not much difference from the other months of the islamic year. Still, as there are 10 days left, I will try my best to multiply the acts of ibaadat.

My mistake is to actually think I can do better next year. Nonetheless am I sure to be alive for the next Ramadhan? No.


Ramadan Diary #1


Asalam Alaykum everyone. How are you? And what about your Ramadan? Alhamdulillah, I finally got a little time to update my blog. I am so happy to be able to do that. You truely find happiness in simple things right? Well this is just to share what’s going on in my life lately 😀

Well, let’s start with Ramadan. Fasting is going pretty well. I am glad I no longer spend the whole day sleeping (knock knock Fatma, I am alluding to your article here :D). Furthermore, I cook simple meals. I hate spending the whole day in the kitchen cooking complicated meals. I find it to be a total waste of time especially when you end up having a huge amount of food at the end of the day, not knowing what to do with them. So, I said STOP. No more of that! By the way, I can’t believe we are almost reaching half the month of Ramadhan, time flies, time flies, time flieeees!!

Secondly, a few words about my personal life. I have lot of projects in my mind and in sh Allah I am working on them so that they can come true. I feel alive and I am glad to work on things to break away from the routine as a housewife. Actually, I do feel from the depth of my heart that the life of a housewife does not suit me. I am used to a lifestyle where I have to be productive and active while when being at home, I always do the same things and I feel dumb, quite dead, almost like a robot. In sh Allah things are about to change.

I might be criticized by others who are of the opinion that women ought to stay at home and take care of their children’s education. Nonetheless, there is something inside of me that tells me I have to do more than that. Indeed I wish to work so that I can provide a better life for my son. His dad quitted his job, I don’t really know why as he always gives different reasons. Consequently, I find myself obliged to work as the father of my son seems not to be interested in looking for another job. He even told me he does not mind if on the contrary I’d be the one working while he stays at home. I am shocked, Allahu Alam.

All that aside, despite the ups and downs of life I am very excited because now I have set some goals in life for me and my son. When you set goals and you do your best to make them work, you feel lively, you feel you are good for something and you’ll do whatever is possible to work on “your mission”. Sometimes it takes time for us to realize what we are really good at and in which ways we can help the ummah. But once you find how you can take part in improving the world just a little bit, it is such a sweet a delight. Alhamdulillah, ya Allah!


Israel: Why Won’t You Let Children Live in Peace?

No matter what is the social network I go to, I always learn about children being among the victims of Israeli soldiers (men and women included). I really try to understand what kind of people these soldiers are I still can’t comprehend. They seem to be made of only bad emotions, humanity seems to have left these people. I even wonder if they are human beings, to me they are not from this planet.

They prevent Palestinians from crossing the checkpoints, they go as far as stating that children are a threat for them hence they don’t hesitate to hit and mistreat those poor children till blood comes out. They laugh as they beat, it seems that only the sight of blood can calm down their obstination once they start torturing a Palestinian.

Not to forget, that I read about the fact that children are also imprisoned. What is this nonsense? For someone to be sure that a child is capable of disrupting the security of a population, this implies that that person’s heart is filled with darkness. Children are innocent, they love to play, they are full of joy and happiness, they hardly think of harming people. Some people in Israel just want to extinguish the Palestinian population. Children are a country’s future. Through children any culture can travel through time. Through children a country’s heritage is preserved. But Israel after having stolen the land of Palestinians found a way to exterminate them: targetting children.

I usually attach a picture to my posts but this time I won’t be able to do so. Many pictures of Palestinian children depict them dead, crying, or full of blood.

Ramadan Mubarak

ramadhan mubarak

I’m quite late but I do want to wish to you all brothers and sisters a Blessed Ramadan. I remember last year having read a post from a sister who compared Ramadan as a long lost friend that you meet once again. She expressed the various emotions we go through when meeting Ramadan every year and she was right.

You know few days before the start of Ramadan, I was worried and scared about how I will spend this year. I am actually feeling spiritually low and I was not happy to know that Ramadan was coming (Astaghfirullah, I know shame on me). However when The Imam on TV claimed that the moon was seen in our country hence Ramadan began, I was so happy and full of tears. I won’t be able to explain that behaviour.

Ramadan is magical, it is beautiful. It is a month full of blessings, a month when we can do our best to change our bad habbits, to pray to Allah and seek His forgiveness. Also, let’s not forget the rewards we get from our good actions are multiplied. Mash Allah.

Now I am tensed for Eid, but that’s another story!!!

East Essence: Shop Islamic Clothes For Your Whole Family!


It’s been  while since I intended to make a review of a website called East Essence. Now that their Eid collection is out I thought “Ok it’s time for this review to be out so that people can get their Eid dresses on that website”.

East Essence is a clothing website that sells clothes for your whole family. The old and young will surely find something suitable for them as East Essence made sure to design clothes that will appeal  everyone. What’s more, everything is at a very affordable price and that made me want to buy almost everything on their website. They do ship worldwide too.

For women you will find salwar kameez, tunics, abaya, colorful dresses, hijabs, jewelries, lining, burqini ect…


For men you’ll find scarves, kufis, prayer pants, kameez…


And for kids there are abayas, dresses, swimwear….


However, one advice I’d like to give is to check the size. They do have a size chart and it is up to you to go for one size up or down. But sometimes the size of different clothes run either bigger or smaller. So if you see reviews from customers do read them so that you know what size you should go for.

Do not hesitate to go and check their website you might find your sweetheart over there 😀