East Essence: Shop Islamic Clothes For Your Whole Family!


It’s been  while since I intended to make a review of a website called East Essence. Now that their Eid collection is out I thought “Ok it’s time for this review to be out so that people can get their Eid dresses on that website”.

East Essence is a clothing website that sells clothes for your whole family. The old and young will surely find something suitable for them as East Essence made sure to design clothes that will appeal  everyone. What’s more, everything is at a very affordable price and that made me want to buy almost everything on their website. They do ship worldwide too.

For women you will find salwar kameez, tunics, abaya, colorful dresses, hijabs, jewelries, lining, burqini ect…


For men you’ll find scarves, kufis, prayer pants, kameez…


And for kids there are abayas, dresses, swimwear….


However, one advice I’d like to give is to check the size. They do have a size chart and it is up to you to go for one size up or down. But sometimes the size of different clothes run either bigger or smaller. So if you see reviews from customers do read them so that you know what size you should go for.

Do not hesitate to go and check their website you might find your sweetheart over there 😀