“The Modern Marriage Trap — and What to Do About It” by Lisa Wade


I am sharing an article I have just read. It is about the fact that women are being unappy in their marriage. According Lisa Wade the reason is simple: they have to think for others (household chores, planning things, taking care of children; cooking dinner, ect…) and feel they have no time left for them. Personally I agree with most of the points mentioned by the author as when I was married I felt I was losing myself and my mind because of busying my mind for the family to run right. In the end it was tiring.

To read more: “The Modern Marriage Trap — and What to Do About It” by Lisa Wade

In fact, according to research, the average married woman is less happy than the average married man, less happy than single women, less convinced that married people are happier than single people, and more likely to file for divorce. Once returned to single life, women’s happiness recovers, whereas men’s declines, and divorced women are less eager to remarry than divorced men.

Also  read : “The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down” by Lisa Wade

Sociologist Susan Walzer published a research article in 1996, called “Thinking About the Baby,” pointing to this household gender gap. Scholars had already documented that women, even those who worked full time, were doing the majority of what came to be called the “second shift”: the work that greets us when we come home from work.


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