Some updates about me

Asalam Alaykoum everyone, how are you doing. It feels good to be able to right again Alhamdulillah.

The last post I wrote dates back to the month of July right and I’m amazed that even though I did not update my blog from that day, I still get subscribers mash Allah.


So what was I doing during all that time? Well lot of things 😀 First of all I got divorced, don’t be sad for me because it was really a good decision. I’m in good terms with the father of my son (I don’t like saying “my ex” because it implies that there is still a relation, a link between both of us), anf I have noticed that from the time we got divorced things started to go well for each of us.

Secondly I was admitted to a selective Master in which students are trained to be teachers. It was hard in the beginning because of the huge amount of work we are asked to do but Alhadulillah I am getting used to it. This is the kind of life I always looked for. I mean I hate the fact of just staying at home doing nothing but household chores. My brain needs to practice, to learn and to think crtically. I love to know about new things, I am a curious person and I am fond of the fact of being surrounded by books or to dissect a text. Deep inside of me, I always felt  that is what I am made for and what is surprising is the way things turned out, which definitely appears as a sign of God who enabled me to pursue my dream/aim.

As I saw that the father of my son was not interested in working so as to provide the necessary for his family I thought I’ll do it myself. This is unbelievable how some men manage to brainwash women about how they should be and how they should act while they don’t show the proper behaviour. Anyway, now things are finished I am happy to have my own flat, I feel extremely good away from him.

I missed you dear friends: Fatma, Michelle and Farheen. I’ll come and visit your blog in sh Allah. Love you all and thanks again for being there new and old subscribers.

© Fateema Abdallah


5 thoughts on “Some updates about me

  1. I’m of the opinion of whatever happens, however it’s deemed, is for the best. Qadr is powerful like that. There is so much unknown wisdom behind that and this post.

    May Allah grant you the best.

  2. Wa’alaikumussalam my dearest sister. Firstly I wanted to say, thank you very much for visiting, reading n commenting on my blog.
    Sister, I’m so sorry to hear your story. May Allah always bless you, my dear. I’ve missed you too. Please tell me how to chat with you fastly!
    I hope you can enjoy your new job.

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