Israel: Why Won’t You Let Children Live in Peace?

No matter what is the social network I go to, I always learn about children being among the victims of Israeli soldiers (men and women included). I really try to understand what kind of people these soldiers are I still can’t comprehend. They seem to be made of only bad emotions, humanity seems to have left these people. I even wonder if they are human beings, to me they are not from this planet.

They prevent Palestinians from crossing the checkpoints, they go as far as stating that children are a threat for them hence they don’t hesitate to hit and mistreat those poor children till blood comes out. They laugh as they beat, it seems that only the sight of blood can calm down their obstination once they start torturing a Palestinian.

Not to forget, that I read about the fact that children are also imprisoned. What is this nonsense? For someone to be sure that a child is capable of disrupting the security of a population, this implies that that person’s heart is filled with darkness. Children are innocent, they love to play, they are full of joy and happiness, they hardly think of harming people. Some people in Israel just want to extinguish the Palestinian population. Children are a country’s future. Through children any culture can travel through time. Through children a country’s heritage is preserved. But Israel after having stolen the land of Palestinians found a way to exterminate them: targetting children.

I usually attach a picture to my posts but this time I won’t be able to do so. Many pictures of Palestinian children depict them dead, crying, or full of blood.


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