Ramadan Mubarak

ramadhan mubarak

I’m quite late but I do want to wish to you all brothers and sisters a Blessed Ramadan. I remember last year having read a post from a sister who compared Ramadan as a long lost friend that you meet once again. She expressed the various emotions we go through when meeting Ramadan every year and she was right.

You know few days before the start of Ramadan, I was worried and scared about how I will spend this year. I am actually feeling spiritually low and I was not happy to know that Ramadan was coming (Astaghfirullah, I know shame on me). However when The Imam on TV claimed that the moon was seen in our country hence Ramadan began, I was so happy and full of tears. I won’t be able to explain that behaviour.

Ramadan is magical, it is beautiful. It is a month full of blessings, a month when we can do our best to change our bad habbits, to pray to Allah and seek His forgiveness. Also, let’s not forget the rewards we get from our good actions are multiplied. Mash Allah.

Now I am tensed for Eid, but that’s another story!!!


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