Life is much easier than our complex mind

Sitting somewhere or probably lying on your bed,

Sleep deprived, feeling no hunger, losing your “joie de vivre”

Untold words whirl vehemently in your mind

Constantly reminding you of the problems you have.


You wish to see no one,

You refuse to leave your house.

It has become your shelter, that is what you like to think,

While it actually grasped your soul so that in darknes you remain. so, you think of your problems, again and again,

Until you are drunk from it, giving up, sleeping dead.

Because sleep is your abstract asylum,

A place you escape to get your tranquilizer.


In the night, or, during the day,

You cry out your pains,

You strive to find the right words to describe your sufferings,

You know God hears you but you think He won’t help you.

So you go somewhere to find a place,

So that you can sit or lie down to think.

To think of a way to get out of your problems.


Your head hurts, your body aches, your soul is weakening.

Hopeless feelings slowly invade your being,

Now you are no more capable of completing a simple task.


Your body is so heavy that it pull you down deep and deeper.

And one day, in the darkest part of your world,

Serene sunrays invite to to stand up, to stand up and live your life.

To smile to life because after all it a circle of tempests and sunny days.

We spend our time thinking of our problems until we become weak,

In the end life much is easier than our complex mind.

Β© Fateema Abdallah


6 thoughts on “Life is much easier than our complex mind

  1. This is very beautiful! So happy to read your work again. i have not been a good reader and for that I am sorry… much peace and light to you, my friend πŸ˜‰

    • No problem sister. I prefer you take your time to heal from the break up issue you are going through. My writings will be here anytime, so don’t worry πŸ™‚

  2. you are truly a soul sister, thank you for your understanding, I am having a difficult time, it was getting better but then he came back and I let him in… then he left again after only a month so now I feel like I have to start all over, I am so sad…

  3. How dares he come and go as he wants? I hope you find the courage not to let him in again. Sadly there are people who disrespects the feelings of others. I really pray you get better sister, this will unfortunately takes lot of time . I wish i could give you a big comforting hug.

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