Let Her Fly!


Her only desire is to fly to her freedom.

You always ask her to go away, affirms her arrival in your life worsened your fate, you are probably right. She admits it. You are not a good element either for her. There is no compatibility between you both. You are like oil and water, will never ever get along, so why to continue?

You ask her to fly away but you are holding a part of her wings. Everyday she tries to move, every time you appear as an obstacle. By your side life is chaotic, there is no beginning, there is no end. She goes through the same feelings, the same tears, the same problems. There seems to be no solution because you forbade people to help you both in this matter.

Her current life is like a sailor lost in the ocean. Normally she should know what to do but you created a confusion in her mid. Every horizon she looks at shows no land where she can go and ask for help. Her life is tumultuous, the waves constantly shakes her home. The waves also swallow into oblivion the tears that ought to tell the story of her sadness. People will never know because nobody wants to dive into mysterious waters.

She wants to fly away, to ascend to her freedom. She wants to see the sun again. She wants to see the colors of life. She has enough of the stormy skies that stand as a roof. Her actual home is her prison, she knows she does not belong to it. Your house hates her. Your house shelters her into madness. Even though the windows and doors are wide open, there is an invisible force that always pulls her back to that house.

Let her be unchained. Butterflies are not meant to stay in the same place. If they do not fly they will die. Let her fly to other lands. Let her fly to meet new people. Let her fly to breathe a new air. Let her fly so that she can live again.It is time you stop asking for a love she can no longer give you.

It is time you take your fingers off her delicate wings.

© Fateema Abdallah


6 thoughts on “Let Her Fly!

  1. Assalamu alaikum sis….I pray that you get whatever you need if that is beneficial to you. May Allah makes your path easy. This post really brought tears in my eyes.

    • Walaykum salam sister, aww I’m sorry that this writing made you feel this way. Amin to your duas. I hope you are fine, it was nice to hear from you ♥

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