Haircare Tips that Works For Me

Asalam Alaykum lovelies. Here I am sharing haircare tips that really helped me repair and grow my hair. Before getting on a haircare journey, it is necessary to analyze your hair so that you can get the appropriate products. Furthermore, once you get the product made for your type of hair, it is important to check whether your hair respond to it positively or not. In fact, it happens that a product is designed for your hair type but it won’t work on your hair and it can take months for you to find the right products that will make wonder to your hair.

As for me, I have African hair type. My hair is coarse and thick. The three major problems I have are dryness, dandruff and itchy scalp. Below you can find the tips that helped me handle my hair.


1) Oils

To oil one’s hair is a must when dealing with dryness. There are several oils provided to us by God and some oils work best for specific hair types. As far as I’m concerned, olive oil, coconut oil, black seed oil and almond oil are what work best for me.

Olive/coconut/almond oil are used to bring moisture to my hair while black seed oil soothes my scalp itching.

I oil my hair once a week and leave it for at least one hour under a plastic bag.



2) Salt scrub

Before using salt scrub I used the sugar one but I found it was too mild for my scalp condition. It did not soothe the itches I felt on my scalp nor did it remove the “oily dandruff” I had. Well, I must also say that I did not use the sugar scrub on a regular basis maybe that is why I did not see any result.

Anyway I shifted to salt scrub and I must say I LOVE IT. The one I use is made of ground salt, olive/coconut oil and lemon juice. I do not feel any itches on my scalp after using it and my scalp breathes again and feels clean. I love that sensation!

I apply the salt scrub once a week and will do it until my scalp itching is gone.



3) Essential oils

Essential oils play an important role in my haircare routine. Peppermint, tea tree and ginger are my favorite.

Peppermint has antimicrobial properties, it stimulates the scalp and help in removing dandruff.

Ginger essential oil is an antiseptic. It also helps in hair growth because it stimulates blood circulation. It can be used as a treatment for hair loss, dandruff and split ends.

Tea tree has anti fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It removes dead cells and prevents head lice and dandruff.

From the day I have combined the above essential oils my hair feels great. I do not have much split ends, my hair is not as dry as before and my scalp feels refreshed.



4) Apple cider vinegar rinse

Apple cider vinegar rinse is such a darling. Indeed, did you know that shampoo have a pH level different than our scalp? So to restore the pH of our scalp apple cider vinegar rinse is a very helpful tip. From the time I used that technique my hair became thick, shiny, it also soothed my scalp. Just wow!!!



5) Shampoo: avoid harsh ones!

Many shampoo are loaded with chemicals that irritate and are aggressive to our scalp. And when the scalp is “in danger” it respond negatively thus leading to hair problems.

Some of the harsh ingredients that you should avoid in a shampoo are: ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol, PEG, DEA, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde, dimethicone, lanolin, petroleum, mineral oil. These ingredients cause scalp irritation, they can lead to hair loss while parabens affect your hormonal balance.

For more info about the dangers of harsh ingredients in your shampoo, you can check out this link.

6) Deep condition!

After my shampoo, it is important for me to deep condition my hair as it restores the moisture I lost and it helps in preventing hair damage. After deep conditioning, my hair feels soft and is more manageable.


That’s all I do. Well, by reading you might have the feeling that there are many things to do but in reality it is very easy. And what about you? What are the tips or natural remedies that work best for your hair?


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