Looking for Blogging Mothers

Asalam Alaykum sisters.

This is just a simple to note to ask you if you know any blogging mothers/website/forum, could you please share the links as a comment. Wether they are muslim or non muslim it does not matter because I believe we can learn from anyone regardless their faith.

Jazak Allah.


10 thoughts on “Looking for Blogging Mothers

    • Jazak Allah sister. You know you are also someone whose blog I love reading about parenthood because I love the way you educate your son

  1. Oh, sorry I was wrong to write the verses, 12-19, you may search that surah sister! I admire Luqman’s advice.
    Thank you for your sweet words, sis!
    The verses 1-11, in surah Al mu’minun can support us to be good Muslims. You’re a great mother, sis! Believe yourself! Because I believe in you that you’re great mom for your children! 😊

    • Mash Allah, indeed many scholars refer to surah Luqman for bringing up children. I will read its translation in sh Allah and I hope to benefit from it. Alhamdulillah Qur’an is truely a book of guidance we find the answer for everything. Thank you for your positive words sis, I have to believe in myself and to make some changes so that m son get the best education. ♥

      • Indeed, my sister! Qur’an is the best reference for everything. Most welcome, sister. Children are like small trees, and we still can change them to be better, right! Good example is the best teaching too! I’m not a good mother, just trying to be better in educating my son. He’s like my diamond, very precious blessing from Allah. ❤

    • Thanks sister. I subscribed to your blog and read your post on your son being a high need baby. Right now I am doing research online about high need babies because I don’t know if mine is one 😀

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