A Little Travel in Time


I am here alone at home. My son went with his father to visit his grandmother. The voices coming from the television and the pictures are accompanying me. I think I need some presence  despite the fact I always claimed the need to be alone.

So I logged to WordPress to check the comments left. I love reading comments, they always cheer me up. Moreover, checking the pages of one blogger then another is like  paying a visit to “real people”. I enjoy reading what is going in other’s life, sharing one’s joy or unhappiness. We are humans and connected to one another, so obviously we will feel empathy for our brothers or sisters.


Well, as I was reading the comments left by others I suddenly recalled my earlier days when I was younger and new to blogging. It is impressive how a simple and little thing can bring back memories that were forgotten. I remember sitting in my bedroom, looking for graphics to enhance my way of posting. I always made sure to publish my articles in an attractive way. For me it was a means to make people read what I had to say. It is an habit that prevailed till now.  I also remember the times I spent creating animated gif or editing pictures in Adobe Photoshop. In fact, if you would not find me writing, you would see me coming up with a photomanipulation * that expressed my feelings or conveyed my ideas on something.

Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for having traveled back to that period of my life just after having read various comments because indeed those were fabulous days.


Time flies so fast. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is fleeing from my life. I cannot follow its speed. There are days I hit on the pause button to think of what to do and how to achieve a good future but time does not wait. It just goes on. You can travel back in time but not to the future. The future is blurry, it is not something one has lived yet and it all depends on the decisions one takes today.


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