Random Thoughts about Blogging

Sometimes, writing down what bothers me on my journal really helps me to evacuate all the tensions I have within myself. However, once I hit the “publish button” I always question wether it was right to publish what I did. Maybe many of you know I mainly deal with how difficult it is for me to cope with motherhood but a little voice in my head says no I should not write about that.

Indeed, even if this this wordpress blog is like my “diary” , I should bear in mind that it is public and open to anyone in the worldwide web. There is no key to keep my thoughts secret and when I read back what I had written I sometimes delete out of shame.

Also, one of the problems we encounter when publishing our weak moments online is criticism. Some people do it nicely, other people seem to take pleasure in breaking you down. And that, you don’t have to cope with when you have your own personal and “intimate” paper diary.

There are days too when I write but I am scared of what people might think of my writings. This should not happen because I write for myself first and I am not here to please a public. By that I mean that unlike some authors who write for a specific audience, I just pen down things as a hobbit or to release the stress present in my life.

That being said, I also don’t want my blog to be a gloomy area where things seem to go only wrong lol, that is the reason why very often I refrain myself from publishing a post. Anyway, let’s see how things will go on. I love blogging and I am still looking for my own style as there are many bloggers out there who have already defined a specific role for their blog. That is what I’d like to achieve.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts about Blogging

  1. we all have the same problem sister πŸ™‚ , but what i always try to do is to write things that will benefit people and even if I’m writing something that is negative in life, I try to mention the positiveness that we can get out of this negative .. best of luck on your blog πŸ™‚

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