Crushed Papers


Sometimes life goes on like a crushed paper . It is roughly folded in such a way that you never seem to get out of the problems you have. You try to change yourself, you think of the various possible manners to repair these broken paths of yours but nothing seems to work.

It is a world where no humans can help you, a world where no humans can make you smile. There are these constant thoughts playing on their own in your mind like a haunting song, constantly reminding you of how miserable you are.

In your crushed bubble, you think you are the victim while what you live is the consequence of your hasty choices. You wish you could go back in time, you wish you never met some people but all these events are now written in your broken chapters.

As the crushed paper remained this way for long, its lines became your wrinkle. You started to be tired. The white page faded into a yellowish color.  Only God can unfold and sooth a crushed life.

© Fateema Abdallah


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