About WordPress Awards & Challenges

WordPress writing challenges and awards are an interesting way to improve one’s writing skills and also a way to know each other better. Before I enjoyed taking part in those. However due to some events in my life which limit my presence online I am not able to do EACH of these writing challenges everytime I am nominated.

That is why I am writing this short post to say sorry to those who nominnated and got no response from me. I don’t mean to be rude or anything as such, it is just because of a lack of time and my incapacity to organize my time between internet and my personal life.

You can still keep nominating me if you want to, I’ll participate in the writing challenges whenever I find them easy (haha :D) and whenever I get time. I know that I post some other things on my blog. In fact, I like to prioritize what I wrote. Nevertheless, it does notm ean that I do not care about the fact you nominated me 🙂

See you soooon and have fun in blogging.


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