Muffled Words


The wind brought to me stories of women who stopped voicing out their opinions and sentiments to their husbands. Tired of hearing the same chorus, they have kept the words inside of them, secretely boiling inside of them, scratching and burning their inner self .

There was a time when these women dared to exteriorize their thoughts but as soon as the words flew in the air, their husbands ran towards those. They seized the feelings and ideas that were once intimate to their wives, created a bubble with their both hands to muffle the words and their sounds. And forever the words disapeared under the control of their husbands.

Those men strongly believed that women only said nonsense. “Women cannot have opinions on their own. They are too influenced by feelings. We, on the contrary can master our feelings, we are beings acting with a reasonably clear mind. Women need us to guide them, to shape their life and also their thoughts.” So, that was how a group of men from various countries, various religions, not knowing each other, admiring each other but also despising each other – decide commonly or alone to make sure that some women from all around the world would forever remain quiet.

I told to the wind that I knew stories of women who had a secret place to cry the words they could not tell, I knew stories of women who fell into dementia because their mind and body were tortured by words they no longer mastered and I also knew stories of women who exploded because their inner self could no longer contain the suppressed words they could not voice out.

© Fateema Abdallah


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