We are busy giving da’wah but…

Asalam Alaykum, the following issue is a reminder to me first. We love posting islamic reminders but do we apply them? Do we share them with our families? It is important to nurture our soul with the teachings of islam before spreading those to others.


1) Everyone is so busy giving “da’wah” on Facebook that perhaps they’ve forgotten themselves. Remember, our biggest responsibility is our own souls first and foremost, followed by our families. This is one of the traps of the cursed shaytaan – we post ayaat and ahadeeth and reminders to benefit others, yet we neglect ourselves. Don’t be like the candle that brings lights to others by burning itself.

2) Facebook Forgetfulness Syndrome – you come across a good status that is beneficial, followed by another, and another and another. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten the beneficial posts and everything just goes over your head. We become “immune” to the goodly words, Allah’s aid is sought!
If we are careful of these two affairs then insha’Allah Instagram will be a bit more beneficial for us all

© Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn


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