Baking Soda Can Help You Cure Cancer

Salam (Peace) everyone! Ok I know that after having read the title of my article you are thinking I am lying to you – well I am not! Once I shared with you an article entitled The Root of Cancer where I stated that Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg found out what contributed in the development of cancerous cells. The “culprits” are an acidic environment and the lack of oxygen.


In today’s society, we tend to have an unhealthy diet and most of what we eat decreases our body pH level. A cancerous cell cannot live in an environment full of oxygen. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) helps to transport oxygen into the blood vessels and it releases oxygen into the cell tissues. It consequently increases the pH level. That is how baking soda will prevent the development of cancerous cells. To learn more about the amazing role of baking soda, read the following article Baking Soda: The Nightmare of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

From last year, I have discovered many things that some doctors/scientists either hide to us or are ignorant of. There is nothing such as an incurable disease my dear friends. Also, it is important for us to change our diet because our food IS our medicine. This is one of my battle to let people know the truth about what is hidden from us and how big companies (food, cosmetics …) are poisoning their consumers.


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