My Experience from Fasting


Asalam Alaykum everyone!!! Yesterday I decided that this Monday I will be fasting no matter what. I simply kept the intention of fasting and as a surprise my day went on in an amazing way. I am astonished given the fact I thought that things would not go well. Below I would like to develop few points that transformed my day into a blissful one.


1) No stress

I usually feel overwhelmed by the stress that weighs down on a woman. There are days when you simply don’t know how to get things organized, what to cook, when to clean the chaos your kid has set into your house ect… Today I did not feel any stress at all. My son had brought some storms into the house, his toys where everywhere along with some clothes. I just did not even bother tidying up the house hahaha !!!

2) Praying became easier

Prayers are one of my biggest struggle. Some days I would just give up praying because I would not feel the “connection” that one would share with God. Nevertheless, it was not the case today. I could even do the supplications a Muslim should do after the five obligatory prayers. And this is something I find it hard to do on the other days.

3) “NO” to futile things.

What is amazing about fasting is that you can discern what is important to do fromwhat is not. Today I spent less time online and less time in front of TV. On the other hand, I focused on doing some acts of worship (dhikr, prayers, reading Islamic articles….)

4) The meaning of being hungry

Would you believe me if I said I was not angry at all while fasting? And yet, this is what I really felt. Therefore, I realized that on the other days I would just eat for the sake of eating. I mean when I am not fasting I get to much food while my body does not need it at all. I realized that I am always wasting food and harming my body by going into excess. When I broke my fast, I just had two salty fritters, some grapes plus water. Results: my tummy was full!

5) Rebirth

At the end of the day even though I started to feel weak, I had the impression that there was a new me that was born from my fasting. I felt I had gained something special as regards to my spirituality. I felt refreshed and light and this is something I really enjoyed.


To conclude, I never imagined that fasting would be so easy Alhamdulillah. It enabled me to understand why scholars always invite people to fast when they wish to get rid of bad habits. I enjoyed that feeling of being a new person. Last but not least, fasting made me realize that there are futile things we don’t really need in our life which are harmful to our body. And everybody knows that when the body is not doing well, the soul tends to be in the same state. I am looking forward to welcome the upcoming month of Ramadan. I know that not all the days will be easy, after all life is made with ups and downs.


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