After the Storm, Comes the Sun

Asalam Alaykum everyone, the short article I wrote below is first and foremost a dedication to me. I am someone who tends to complain about the difficulties I am going through, and I found out that in the end I was always the one who could lift my spirits up by writing down things for myself.

I hope you have a nice read in sh Allah.



After the storm, comes the sun. Similarly, after the difficulties we go through in our life, better days will come.

But very often, the storm lasts for too long and we are helpless in front of the loss of our relatives and/or belongings. And it is during these times that many questions come across our minds : “When will the help of God come?” “Are we being punished by God?”


And slowly, the storm goes away. Clouds are there for a while and our mind is still confused on what has happened. Even though the storm is gone, we are still struck by sadness because there is that frigthening truth standing in front of us “Life will never ever be the same again”. During the passage of the storm, we might have lost someone or things that were important to us. But this is a good illustration of the ephemeral quality of things: NOTHING WILL LAST FOREVER.

So if we bear this in mind, we will smile again in sh Allah. We will be able to accept the trials that befall us. We will realize that after all, trials too are ephemeral. On the other hand, knowing that happy moments too won’t last forever, we will be able to appreciate them more.


Now that you know that “after the storm, comes the sun“, it is your choice wether to keep on mourning on what you have lost or to gather enough strength to carry on with the flow of life.

© Fateema Abdallah


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