Poor of the Heart…



Poor of the heart that does not tremble with fear when being told
the torments of the hellfire.
Poor of the heart that does not long for the delicacies of Paradise.

We run after the pleasures of this world, ready to crush each other’s life.
We envy the belongings of our sisters, brothers or neighbours and wish
for them to live in misfortune.

Less people want to live within the “jail” of marriage.
Many humans prefer to be “free” living a libertine life.

Less women want to become mothers for fear it might disturb their quiet life
and alter their  “perfect” body.

This world is a “heaven” for selfish people and a “torment” for the good ones


© Fatima Abdallah


15 thoughts on “Poor of the Heart…

      • 1) When you log into your wordpress page, go to the comments section. You will see a list of all the comments you got from various people

        2) Click on “reply” under the comment to which you want to reply and you will see some html codes (see the picture below to see what i am talking about)

        3) Search for a picture online, right click and select “copy image URL

        4) Then, come back to your comment section and click on “img“, a window will appear, you will have to paste the image url inside

        5) Publish your comment and the picture will only appear after.

        It is very easy step but when i explain it seems to be long, if you don’t understaqnd properly ask me again sis 🙂
        And I am sorry that my wordpress page is in french that is why you saw a text saying “répondre à ce commentaire” but in english it would be ” reply to this comment

      • Ok sis, don’t hesitate to ask questions, if you have some problem in doing the steps. Oh one very important thing is that to post a picture as a comment, you always have to reply from inside the comment section, it is impossible to reply with picture when you go directly to the article you wrote.

      • No sister I cannot see, hey I found an easier way to post a picture as a comment and the good news is that you can do it when replying directly from your articles.

        Sister, when you have time send me an email at atie.abdallah@gmail.com because when I write the code it does not appear as a reply

      • It’s so strange! haha… I replied to your other comment, and I saw my image on my comments form,, LOL. Okay, i’ll do… thanks so much. Do I bother you?

      • Naaaa you don’t bother meeee. Well wait i check again to which article did you post a picture as comment, it is the one called “Poor of the Heart”?

      • Yes I saw the picture. Sorry again I did not know your replied there. I am so happy now you can reply with pictures inside your comment. Hahaha please throw tomatoes on me because I was sooo stupid for not understanding where you replied 😀

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