Hijab and Too Much Make Up?



I was looking for some videos hoping to find easy ways to wear the hijab. Everything went fine until I saw a sister with heavy make up and I was saddened given the fact her make up drew more attention towards her face. When I searched about the hijab I learnt some main points:

1) Hijab literally means a screen, a cover or a curtain. Hence following that definition, I believe that hijab is meant to protect a woman from the gaze of others, especially from men so that they don’t lust after her.

2) Hijab is also the fact of being dressed in a loose garment in such a way that one’s body shape is not revealed.

3) Others also include characters such as shyness, humility, humbleness as being part of “hijab”. Indeed, an arrogant person will draw more attention towards him/her.


Ok, now after having laid out the basic definition and characteristics of “hijab”, I wonder if it is permissible to wear a huge amount of make up. I do not mean to slander anyone but I have seen how make up made some sisters’ face look arrogant, how they behaved as being superior to others and how they acted as being over confident.

Some islamic scholars say it is permissible for a woman to beautify herself for her husband but once outside her home, she should not wear excessive make up. I feel this view is correct.

Dear sisters, what have you learnt about the hijab and make up issue?



2 thoughts on “Hijab and Too Much Make Up?

  1. Assalamou alaikom !

    I’m no expert on the subject but I strongly think that make up is only to be used for your husband, inside the house. To be honest, I have never liked make up and never will. Most make up products are being tested on animals (who are treated badly by the way) or come from non halal products. Some also are harmful to the body (What is the point then?) I believe Allah has created us “perfect” in some way and we should not need make up to cover what we think are defaults. Beauty is not only external appearance, beauty comes from within, the beauty of one’s soul, character… However, I can see that nowadays a lot of sisters are falling into the trap of Media, Consumption and unconscious manipulation and want to look like those “perfect” models and famous people. This applies sadly to so many things and on so many levels that it is difficult to cover everything in a small paragraph (cloth, perfume, accessories, shoes). There is a whole new fashion being created only for hijabis !

    Not to judge any of my sisters, we all have our struggles but to me fashion and hijab does not go together. Let us ask Allah to guide all these sisters who have lost their way and have forgotten the importance and true meaning of hijab and all that it entails with it. Life is not just about appearance. Life is about actions… and good and useful ones better.

    May Allah guide us all to the right path.


    • Subhanallah I really like your reply sister. Unfortunately as you said, some of us have fallen into the trap of fashion and beauty. Before being on Instagram I never realized how many sisters literally craved for fashion, they go as far as asking others to vote for them to win some fashion contests. It is also on Instagram that I came across a “Muslim beauty pageant”. I was startled because the concept of beauty pageant is the opposite of Islam. And it does not help when fashion magazine interview these sisters making many other Muslim women believe that all this is Islam.

      May Allah guide us to the right path. Amin

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