Thank you so much sisters ♥

Asalam alaykum everyone and especially to the sisters I have met thanks to this blog. Right now my heart is emotionally melting down because of you sweeties!

When I started this blog I just did it just to express my thoughts on various topics and to share natural remedies which I had read on my book about prophetic medicine. At that time, I did not consider the fact of getting subscribers or friends because earlier when I would blog I’d hardly get people replying to me.

Today, I realize that when you expect nothing , you get a great gift in return. You will ask me what is that gift which I had gotten? Allah gifted me with kind sisters whatever is their religion! I remember before starting this blog, how I relied on Allah and how I wished that in this blog I would not deal with things that are futile, meaningless or against Islam. And that was all I wanted, nothing more because at that time I knew no one would interact with me.

However, right after my first post, people started to subcribe to my blog . I can’t deny that I was startled as it never happened to me before. I really want to thank Him (God) and to thank you sisters for your kind words, for following me on WordPress, for enabling me to discover your blogs in return, for the tips you share, for the advice you give and for your love simply.

May Allah always help you sisters whatever is the difficulties you have, always be strong. Don’t forget that we won’t have happy moments always as far as we live, so we should accept our sad moments because from that there is always a lesson to learn. I love you sisters


9 thoughts on “Thank you so much sisters ♥

  1. Wa’alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
    This is so sweet, sister! Don’t mention it, Sis! I love your posts, n I love you for Allah’s sake!
    Thank you very much for this beautiful friendship! 😍 I love the pics anyway!😃

    • Sweetie, you are one of the sisters I had in mind when writing this post. Your blog is so welcoming, your posts are simple and yet they contain a deep message and I always love reading your replies. May Allah grant you jannah and may He always keep your heart so sweet and kind. Amiiiiiin

  2. I love meeting women from different cultures and faiths, that’s how I learn!! We are all sisters in the eyes of God, no matter what we call him/her. My hope it to always stay open minded and learn from my beautiful sisters all over the world, we can only enrich our lives by doing so. Being open minded doesn’t mean we have to change our minds or follow other’s religious but it does mean to learn and be respectful of others… it is all good. Blessing on all of you my sister of the heart!!


    • Rightly said sister, open mindedness is not about imposing one’s opinions or religion, it is about respect indeed 🙂

  3. This is such a sweet post. It’s really hard to find wonderful friends so alhamdulilah that you were able to connect with awesome women! InshaaAllah I hope to do the same:) Matter of fact I think we all should start some sort of project to get to know one another in the future. I’m kinda of new to blogging but alhamdulilah so far I’m loving it!

    • You are right sister, I had seen some blogs or social network where muslim women are harsh upon others and this is scary. I wonder if it is the internet that made some of us become so bad towards others. So Alhamdulillah when I get to see that I was able to have honest and kind sisters. May your journey to blogging last as long as possible. I really love your blog, it is helpful for me because seriously I had never imagined that being a mother was that hard.

  4. As salamu alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. It is such a heart warming post. You are adorable. I am lookinh forward to read a lot more from you. Love you too for Allah’s pleasure. Stay blessed. Be happy alhamdulillah.

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