Beauty in Ten Sentences

My dear sister Fatmawaty have nominated me to join the challenge “Beauty in Ten Sentences”. So here is my try.


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Mothers see beauty in their children

Children can find beauty in everything

Many people crave for physical beauty

An ephemeral beauty that will fade

Beauty of the heart never dies

Beauty is the light in darkness

Love is a beauty that blooms

Therefore, growing old together is beauty

Beauty is when one meditates silently

Being alone with Allah is beauty.

Ohaw7lvf   Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf

My favorite quote on Beauty is:

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

~Khalil Gibran

Ohaw7lvf   Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf

The rules of this challenge “Beauty in Ten Sentences”

You have to write ten sentences and each sentence should contains six words. In each sentence the word “beauty” should be included. Then you must end up with your favorite quote on Beauty. Have funnnnn!

I chose the following people to participate:


Random Bytes from Life

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Ya Baki Entel Baki

The Indian Reverted Muslimah

Improve Your Average


The Muslimah Mommy

Ohaw7lvf   Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf  Ohaw7lvf


8 thoughts on “Beauty in Ten Sentences

    • Thank you for having selected me to do this challenge, it was a bit hard as loooong ago I had stopped writing 😀

      • My pleasure, Sister! I’m sure you have good ability at writing, and I’m really sure English isn’t a barrier for you! I hope you’ll write more….and more! ❤

    • Hi Michelle, if you want to do the challenge you will have to do it as a new post on your blog. That would be great to read yours because I like your poems 🙂

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