How the Media Label People who Commit Crimes!



Following the Chapel Hill shooting where a white man took the lives of three innocent Muslim students, I was reassured when I saw people denouncing how long the media took to talk about the incident and the nonsensical reasons the media gave as being the motives of the man.

On Instagram, people asked why is not the white man called a terrorist ? Why when a white man commit a crime, he suffers from mental illness? It is simple, the media labels crimes regarding people’s ethnicity!



You are a Muslim and took someone’s life? Then you are a terrorist, actually all Muslims are terrorists!

You are black and committed a crime? My dear you are a racist like every other black people!

You are white and killed people? Don’t worry you suffer from mental illness, you have to be cured and we will let people know about mental health issues so that they are aware of this social flaw.


So this is how the media shapes the world’s point of view. Probably Allah set the Muslim students as an example to show how the world is hypocrite today. Allah knows best.




4 thoughts on “How the Media Label People who Commit Crimes!

  1. It’s so difficult to find justice in this world. But the believers are lucky, bc they will find justice in hereafter. May Allah grant them with jannah, ameen.
    Terrorists are terrorists. We’ve known who are the real terrorists.

  2. Its very sad how the media attacks us but gives free passes to others. We are not responsible for every crime committed by muslims through the world and should not have to feel guilty for it. These three victims however are receiving a lot of dua and prayers from people all over the world. Inshallah the dua is accepted.

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