10 Commandments of a Happy Marriage


I am sharing the tips I got as an email from Pure Matrimony about the 10 commandments of a Happy Marriage. You can subscribe to their website, you will find plenty of advice to have a healhy marriage in sh Allah!



#1 Thou shalt show respect
Every individual deserves respect – ESPECIALLY your spouse

#2 Thou shalt be affectionate
Love make the world go around, so show your spouse you love them and don’t be shy. Hold hands, kiss your spouse goodbye and hold on a little longer when you hug

#3 Thou shalt communicate
Your spouse is not a mind reader! Tell your spouse what you need and clearly communicate this to them

#4 Thou shalt forgive
No one is perfect and a good marriage thrives on forgiving and letting go

#5 Thou shalt be kind
A happy marriage takes two people who are kind to one another – always



#6 Thou shalt be appreciative
There is nothing worse than being taken for granted. A simple thank you is all it takes

#7 Thou shalt be loyal
You should only ever have eyes for your spouse as if they are the most important person in your whole world

#8 Thou shalt find balance
A good marriage has balance between work, friends, family and each other as well as time for yourself

#9 Thou shalt be honest
The fastest way for your spouse to lose trust in you is when you hide or lie about major things in your home. It simply isn’t worth it

#10 Thou shalt make decisions together
It is from the sunnah to consult with one another in all big decisions – and doing so increases your love and respect for one another



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