BAKHOOR: Why I love it!

Asalam Alaykum brothers & sisters!! I want to let you know about my experience with bakhoor. Before shifting to bakhoor I used to “perfume”  the house  with incense sticks. However the problem is that some of them are too strong scented, along with that they seem to be suffocating.

For long, I had seen bakhoor on websites, but as it was something new for me I did not dare to use it till recently. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have resorted to bakhoor. I find it non suffocating and the odor last longer than with incense stick. For example, this morning I had lit up bakhoor at about 6 am and at 2 pm, I could still smell its odor mash Allah.

Bakhoor is made with natural ingredients that is what made me fall all the more in love with it. Plus on the market you can find so many bakhoor whose scents are soooo bewitching. I did not read much about its origins but I read that bakhoor was from Yemen. Well, our brother A.K. Maleeke might confirm that if he ever comes across this post.

Have you ever tried bakhoor, if yes which ones are your favorite and what for do you use them (perfuming house/clothes, for guests, special occasions, etc…)?


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