Yesterday morning I had read an eye opening article at on the dangers of consuming conventional milk. Until yesterday I always thought that all the milk available on the market were healthy and full of good nutrients for the body but reading that article was a shock to me.

It has revealed that most of the milk were unsafe and controversial for the following reasons (not all listed) :

1) The food given to cows are modified (GMO) and damages their health

2) Cows are thus given a huge amount of drugs (not good for them)

3) The pesticides and herbicides used on genetically modified cows food end up in the milk we drink and goes into our body

4) The companies producing conventional milk spend record-breaking amounts of money to prevent people from knowing that their milk contains GMO

Maybe this means nothing to you but to me it means a lot. All this angers me because :

1) Companies don’t hesitate to lie to consumers. They put things that are dangerous not only for the animals and for the humans. It is a total lack of respect especially when it is thanks to their consumers that they earn money ! Furthermore I hate the fact that many animals are ill treated just because they are animals !

2) Because of what is given to the cows (GMO, drugs…), the more we consume these products the more the chance of developing diseases are high !

I invite you people to try to change your food habits in sh Allah. It is not only in milk that dangerous ingredients are found. On, you will find tons of articles warning you on what to avoid and they offer you alternatives to what you are used to consume.

 May Allah keep you in the best of health and imaan. Asalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu✧˖° © Fateema Abdullah

3 thoughts on “CONVENTIONAL MILK: Its dangers!

  1. As a vegetarian, I cannot stand the mistreatment of animals either. I don’t drink milk for many reasons. Our very air is now being sabotaged by viscous chemtrails, as you will see on my post ‘assorted health tips.’

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