El Nabil Car Freshener

salamJust a quick review about a product I recently got for my husband: it is El Nabil car freshener. I knew this brand essentially for its non alcohol  concentrated perfume oils but it also provides many other products to perfume the house.

Today I quickly removed the dust from my husband’s car just because I wanted to try out this car freshener. He said he would not use it as long as his car would be dusty and added that he was tooooo lazy to clean it. So wonder woman (ME!!!) did the job for him and put on the car freshener.



• It has eastern smells thus being different from the usual car freshener we have in the market when living in a Western country

• It smells so good, I bought the one called Abu Dhabi. However I think it contains alcohol, so don’t forget to open the car’s windows to get some fresh air inside.

• Once the bottle is empty , I think I can pour in my other El Nabil concentrated perfume oils which I don’t like putting on myself.



I got the car freshener from a French website which deliver worldwide: Biorient.com. I tried to look if there was an English website for those who don’t speak French but alas! I could not find one.

I hope you’ll like this review. Feel free to let me know about your favorite car freshener too 🙂


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