My Artwork

salamToday I would like to let you know about one of my favorite hobbies which is pictures editing. I use Adobe Photoshop for this purpose. Before I used to include people and animals in my art work but since the day I learnt that in Islam it is forbidden to represent living beings, I slowly eradicated them and focused on designing landscapes.

In sh Allah, I will show you some of my works in further posts, because if I put all in a single post, the magic will be gone lol.

So here is a landscape I designed by combining two pictures.

Below, you can see one of the original pictures that I used to create the above landscape.

I hope you like my work, in sh Allah, I will share the other ones with you. Till then may Allah keep you in the best of health and imaan. Asalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu✧˖° © Fateema Abdullah



4 thoughts on “My Artwork

  1. Wa’alaikumussalaam wr wb!
    Awesome, masha’Allah! I love using photoshop too but I’m not so good at it. I try sometimes anyway, with the help of tutorials of course 😉 😀
    Allahumma baarik lak!

    • Yaaaa, the first time Iopened this software I was like “wow I am so losttttttt”, I had to read some tutorials online and achieved some pretty good editing. However once I learnt about the fact that in Islam it is forbidden to draw beings with soul, I stopped doing that. Today I want to re design again but it will be more abstract things like nature ect…

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